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"I'm going to stop brushing my teeth."
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"I'm going to stop brushing my teeth."

Why do we brush our teeth regularly? Many reasons, but the main one is that we only get one set of adult teeth, and they need to last us for the rest of our lives. From the time we were very young, we were taught to brush our teeth. It is one of those healthy habits that follow you into adulthood.

So, what would happen if we decided to stop brushing altogether? Well, for one, nobody would want to talk to you because your breath would be terrible! But besides that, our teeth would eventually begin to decay, break off, and fall out. Not to mention the pain.

Your dentist would suggest that you brush your teeth every day as a preventative measure against tooth decay.

Did you know that your spine can also decay?

Spinal decay is the result of years and years of abuse and neglect. In fact, any joint in the body can decay if it is not properly taken care of. Most people don't know about spinal decay, but you have certainly heard of arthritis. Same thing. The scientific community calls it degenerative joint disease, but it all amounts to the same concept.

So how do you end up with spinal decay? When a spinal bone is not in the right position, the joints associated with is become weak and doesn't move as it should. The body's answer to this is to lay down calcium around the joint to stabilize it. After many years, the joint eventually fuses and basically turns to bone.

Spinal decay can take place even if there is no pain.

To keep this process from happening, the joints need to remain in motion, but they also need to be in the correct position. Regular exercise, eating right, and getting adjusted can help maintain healthy spinal joints.

Your chiropractor would suggest getting regular adjustments as a preventative measure against spinal decay.

Are we seeing a pattern here?

Something to keep in mind: If your teeth go bad, you can always get dentures, but there's no way to replace your spine.

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